This website focuses on key society issues as well as history that needs to be highlighted in today’s world. When history issues come up, social issues are at the cornerstone of these past issues. This is because there is a close connection or link between how people used to live in the past and how those ways of life shaped history.

The site mainly looks at the societal issues that revolve around administration, ways of living, as well as the coexistence between individuals of different norms. These key societal issues continue to shape history since they inform how people lived and how they maneuvered those times.

The author, Jesse, has a wealth of knowledge as far as American societal issues are concerned. The author has immense knowledge in the intersection and the relationship between these societal issues and how they shaped the history of some areas in America. He uses comparisons and also draws from the societal ways of life and norms to come up with refined content on some pertinent historical and societal issues with regards to the American Context.

The team as well is well-versed with historical and societal issues, and the overall state of the website is a result of the efforts of individuals in the team. The site’s team is essential, since it helps in key areas, including ensuring that the site is accessible and that the content on the website is relevant and accurate. Further, the team is also instrumental in the research process, as well as the site’s maintenance activities.