About The Programme

Religious Literacy Leadership in Higher Education is about:

  • Supporting the best experience for students and staff of all faith backgrounds and none
  • Limiting ‘equalities’ challenges and litigation relating to religion and belief
  • Supporting international students and staff from a range of faith and cultural backgrounds with sensitivity and skill
  • Addressing good campus relations, especially in the context of freedom of speech
  • Considering how faith communities might contribute on issues such as unemployment, poverty, social justice and the environment.

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This website hosts a broad range of resources to help Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) develop outlooks and strategies that engage positively with faith, promoting universities as places that can lead and shape informed responses to faith in wider society.

These resources can be explored through the menu tabs. We are always updating and adding to the information on the site, so do check back regularly. In addition, if you know of resources that would be helpful to others please email them to us.