How to copywrite for amazon

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Step 1: How to Create Amazon Seller Account

Registering An Amazon Seller Account

You will have to choose from one of the two offered plans, namely, the individual and professional plan. The individual plan costs £0.75 per month and is meant for casual sellers with less than 40 sales a month. You are limited to 20 product categories under this plan and have no access to Amazon’s advanced selling tools.

The professional plan costs £25 (excl. VAT) per month, but it offers a whole range of features that are beneficial to businesses. You are still limited to 20 product categories under the plan, but you can apply permission to sell in ten additional categories.

Amazon charge a flat fee of £0.75 to individual sellers and a variable closing fee which ranges from £0.50 to £1.00 for every item sold. A referral fee is also levied for every sale on the platform which ranges from 5.1% (books, music, VHS, DVD, etc.) to 15.30% (software, furniture, education supplies, etc.). If you choose to allow your products to be delivered by Amazon under its Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) service, other fees, such as fulfilment and inventory fees, may also apply.

If you are a vendor and are selling products at wholesale rates, please choose the Amazon Vendor account during registration. You will effectively be selling your products to Amazon, and your operational responsibility will be limited to the back-end of the supply chain process. Your products will also enjoy complimentary marketing and advertising from Amazon. Established companies are typically invited to join Amazon Vendor Central, which provides sellers with even more features.


Good content quality is crucial for every business as it is the critical factor that can either make or break a sale. A product description is a deciding factor of whether a customer would make a purchase or not.

And if the customer doesn’t, you need to rewrite the description rather than face a tiny conversion rate. So, by focusing on this blog’s tips, you won’t have to look into such situations again.

Alternatively, you can also get some expert help. Rather than spending your productive days on writing copies for your products, you can hire an expert Amazon product description writer to get the work done professionally in no time.

Do leave your comment below if you need more Amazon SEO copywriting tips for product pages specific to your product industry or would like share your thoughts and inputs on this blog.

BONUS section

To help you improve your copywriting I have broken down exactly how I tackled this article. How I structured it, why I used the words I did to give you an insight into how to look at your own copy.

Principles I follow on every piece of copy

Here’s a breakdown of the copy – the how’s and why I chose words and phrasing.

Amazing resource builds anticipation. I then re-enforce the benefit with fast-track to imply ease of learning and then end the paragraph with the transformation the reader will experience. This is all upfront to keep people reading. You will lose most of your readers within the first paragraph if you do not give them a good reason to read on.

You will find bullets with substantiations and insights into the transformation the customer will experience after purchase. And that’s important because that is where conversions happen. Headlines and key words draw people in. Bullet points convert to sales .

The secret to persuasive copy is answering the need state of a customer. They come to the store for a reason. To satisfy a need . If you can recognise that and then show that they will be better off after purchase you are onto a winner . Great copy shows empathy and understanding of what your customer is after.

Secret suggests the reader is about to be given something valuable. Of course, there is not secret, a copywriter is never given a secret book with closely guarded information about how to write copy. The reader knows this but the language draws you in. This is hyperbole which common in advertising language – exaggeration to make a point. I use the adjective ‘persuasive’ copy to show the effectiveness of my next statement. Without the adjective it is not as compelling. I then make my sentences very short, to build a rhythm. Onto a winner alludes to success and uses colloquial language. I then follow up the pervious ‘treasure trove’ reference with ‘littered with gems’ to create an image in the reader’s mind.

People who love the product, the four and five stars, will tell you why. What features they liked and why that was so important to them, what issues it solved. All the copy points you need to convince someone else.

The negative comments are just as useful , listing pain points, all the things you can take away from them with your product. The comments reveal the emotional transformations you consumer goes through.

Convince – Here I am letting the reader know what they will learn, I am spelling out what they would like to do and I put this at the end of the paragraph as an incentive to keep reading.

Reveal – I could have easily written “The comments show…” but “The comments reveal…” is a more emotional phrasing – like I am revealing a secret, the word has more power and so more engaging.

This will not only show you the points you have to make but also give you the language that will be the most engaging. You will be able to talk to your consumer in their own words and use the reasons they have purchased the product to sell to other people.

This is extremely effective. It builds a rapport with the customer because it shows understanding – you know what they were after and why they wanted it. You’re a genius. You are thinking and speaking like your customer.

Features are the logical reasons to buy. But it is the benefits that entice people, that convert people. They may justify the purchase later with the features but it is how the product changes their life that gets them excited and makes them think, “I want that.” At that moment it ends up in their basket.

There is software out there that uses this exact same process to help you write listing. The same principle of scanning best seller listings, picking out phrases from comments to help you populate fields – and they will get results.

That all costs money of course, which can be worth it for a lot of people but the algorithm does not speak English, it speaks binary. The drawback to that is the words, phrasing and grammar is not always right – just a bit off and if you are a person rather than a computer, you’ll pick that up. So beware. Software will do a good job but you can help improve its results too.