Suicide Messiahs

Jubro is a teenage boy and is named after the king of the star and the Marshallese Folk Hero. He has been brought up in the traditional lifestyle since he lived with his relatives for quite some time. Some of his relatives live on an outer island and they highly value the Marshallese culture. Jubro’s believes in the traditions of the Marshallese people and he is linked to the multitude of demons and spirit who make up the supernatural realm of the Marshallese culture. The forces of good and evil are in an everlasting conflict, and Jubro is entangled within that conflict, that binds his daily life like other Marshallese people. He is not free but struggles to resolve the ever present internal conflict within himself, the conflict between the two spirit realms. Jubro has been affected by the supernatural powers, and he is able to discern the presence of another world, the world of supernatural beings. The lives he is living as a Marshallese is pathetic as he, like other Marshallese people, can only travel to Kwajalein Island by ferry, and any violations to the rules attracts heavy fines and penalties (Barclay & Friday, 2015).

Jubro has embraced the Marshallese traditions so much that he does not find pleasure in American things. He finds pleasure and satisfaction in the Marshallese culture and he is inspired by the memories of his patriarchal grandfather, who was a conservative. He disregards the American regulations, and does not please his father through his behavior (Barclay & Friday, 2015). Jubro is committed to protect the heritage of the Marshallese people from harm by American presence through the supernatural powers he has.